A Little Closer

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Every day that I go to work, I feel I am getting closer and closer to making a decision about my future that leans a lot more towards grad school than towards moving back out to LA. The last two days, I didn’t leave my desk all day (oh, except to go grocery shopping for the whole office. Fun.). All I did was read and write converge. All day. For two days. Now, I love reading as much as if not more than the next person, but reading terrible spec scripts and rambling manuscripts for 10 hours is not my idea of fun.

One assignment given to me as a short story that had been pitched to the company as one story, but turned out to be a novel that was about something entirely different. This led me to think that everyone at the company that sent the novel in hadn’t even read said novel. Nice. Also nice was the fact that executives were playing guitar hero in the next office, so as I tried to concentrate on a poorly written manuscript about Alaska, all I could hear was “Monkey Wrench” blasting 10 feet away.

Even reading the trades is making me want to get out of here. I mean, I keep reading scripts thinking I’ll know a good one when I see it, but I read some pilot scripts that were going around that are now being picked up by the networks, and not one of them was anything I would have recommended to my boss. Not only does that make me question the taste of those in the industry, it makes me question my ability to thrive in the industry if I can’t identify these successful scripts.

While all that was going on, I requested more information about the Emerson Theater Ed program, and the admissions ambassador I’ve talked to has given me every answer I was hoping for. I could work while getting my degree. The program is extremely personalized and social. It doesn’t hurt me that I didn’t major in theater in college.

Blerg. I hate how excited I am getting about this, because I used to be this excited about television. I feel like I’ve lost all credibility with myself and my family. No one (including myself) really gets how I turned against working in television so quickly. It just kind of happened one day, and now I get can’t myself motivated anymore. My parents keep telling me to take advantage of everything in LA, in case I change my mind again, but I just can’t picture myself working out here anymore. I mean, if I am this doubtful being here, how am I going to get myself to pick up and move back? My mom says once I get some distance from LA, things should make sense. God, I hope so.

In happier television related news, Top Chef tonight! That’s all I’ve got.

My Life on the Big Screen

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Sadly, I started writing this entry last night, got too tired, then figured I could just write it at work. It is now 1:30, and the only reason I have time to finish it now is because everyone is at lunch watching the How I Met Your MotherĀ  episode with Britney Spears, and I had to escape, having already suffered through Britney acting four times. Of course, they had to watch the newest episode that I haven’t seen while I was making my lunch only to turn on last week’s when I got in the room. Life is truly unfair.

Anyway, to the topic of the post: Last night while watching The Hills, I was excited to see that the girls had returned to LA so I could now obsess over every locale the girls go to, figuring out if I have been there or not. Last night, I did pretty well. Heidi and her nameless co-worker dined at Food Court LA, where we ate for my roommate’s birthday. Audrina, Lauren, and Lo discussed something super important (as everything on that show is) at Lola’s, a bar we went to on our first weekend in LA, and Heidi and the same co-worker walked to Bolthouse, which is a block away from one of my offices! I looked for my car parked on the street in the background, but alas, it wasn’t there. To make up for it, they showed an establishing shot of my apartment complex. I feel like a true Los Angelean (Los Angelesian? Los Angelen? Whatever…), except for that whole never wanting to actually move here thing.

When I thought about my excitement over The Hills, I remembered that only last Friday, I had the same feeling but with good old Boston U. We had a special screening of “21″ for our program, since they filmed the movie on our campus last winter. (No, MIT wouldn’t let them film on their campus. Yes, my best friend saw Kate Bosworth at our gym.) In the movie, I saw Kate Bosworth make eyes at Jim Sturgess beneath the track where I run. I saw Jim Sturgess run into the dorm a block away from my old dorm where I ate lunch almost every day last year. I saw the entire cast strut down the hallway of the College of Arts and Sciences where I myself have strut to class a good number of times. It was kind of odd, because they kept saying it was MIT, when clearly to me it was nothing like MIT. It almost took me out of the story. I got over it, however, because my school was in a movie…and that’s pretty cool.

Alright, well, this post really had no point except to point out that I am closely connected to various sets of both film and television. It also served as a nice break from the constant stream of reading I’ve been doing for the past two days at work. My eyes are blurry from going back and forth between scripts and my computer. Thankfully, my professor is out of town this week, so I’m free after work to do whatever I please, which sadly is probably read, BUT I will read whatever I please! Take that world!